Thursday, April 17, 2014

Troy is Getting Evicted

Troy who is on YouTube as "The Do It Yourself World" is getting evicted. I've been watching his vlog for a couple of months, now.
He was developing a homestead in Western New York. He was living in an old motor home while he was trying to get a garden going and he had chickens.
A lot of things he was doing seemed to be over doing it for me. He had a lot of electric generating things going on like solar panels, wind generators, and gas generators. He has a lot of property to move.
I guess he got into trouble for not having a septic system; he was using a composting toilet.
The state got after his landlady and she kicked him out. I think the real lesson is that the government discriminates against the poor.
When you think about it the waste that comes out of septic systems go to the same place that it would go if you would just dump it out ; so it's a stupid law.
At least he should be able to live in his motor home on the street. So the state of New York has just created another homeless person who lives in a motor home.
I hope he continues his vlog. I really identify with him. I'm saving up my money to become a homeless motor home dweller.
On another track, I sold all of my gold coins for bitcoins, yesterday. I shipped them off to Wyoming.
I went to the bank to see what else I could sell. I took out all of my larger silver bars and coins. I'm going to ship them tomorrow.
I'm a bit disappointed with how little I really had saved up. I'll still have a lot of small coins but I really didn't have that much. It's so hard to save anything when you don't have much to work with.
On yet another topic, I'm still waiting to see about my move to a cheaper apartment. I'll not only save on the rent but I hope to save on the heat and the Internet access as well. It might add up to between $100 and $150/month savings. That will help me get and fix up the motor home.
Well that's all I have for now. I'll keep you posted on how Troy does. You could just go to his YouTube channel. It's the "Do it Yourself World".

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