Friday, April 11, 2014

Yesterday I made the Downpayment on the Motor Home

I swung by Prosper, MN yesterday and paid $500 towards my dream motor home. It's a 1978 on a Ford chassis. It looks good to me.
I'll be paying on it for the next 5 months. I think it will be worth it. I'm looking forward to taking off on my own and living the nomadic life.
After paying it off I'll have to fix it up for my journeys. I need solar panels on it because I don't want to use a generator. I'll also have to get a refrigerator since the old one is broken. I want one that will run on propane as well as AC or DC electricity. That way all of my options are covered. I'll have to replace the rubber (as in belts and hoses) as well as overhaul the brakes.
My goal is to be out of here by next summer not this summer. By then I should have plenty of money saved up and I'll be able to afford unexpected emergencies.
I'll be moving into an new apartment soon. I found a cheaper place in the building that I work at. It will save me $50/month for the rent alone. I might be able to save on Internet access and heat as well.
I found some good YouTube sites that talk about living in an RV. They call it urban camping. They talk about living in your motor home in cities.
I think I'll be living in the mountains on mining claims that I will have the right to be on. I won't have to worry about police chasing me away but I will have to be more self-contained (as in having my own water and propane). I think I'll be just fine.
I only hope that I find plenty of gold. I can justify a lot of discomfort for a little gold. It will be worth it.
Yesterday the stock market tanked and gold went up. I don't know why the disconnect. They tend to move together. Today the market went down and gold went down.
I do think precious metals will take off any time now. I've got a lot of gold and silver, so I'm ready.
Crypto currencies went up today. That was after a major drop the last couple of days. They made back most of their losses and now they might be showing gains from last week. That is another market that is being manipulated by the 1%. I'm only going to use bitcoins and litecoins for buying and selling things. I might use the exchanges to get into Russian and Chinese currencies.
Well that will do for now, maybe I'll get back to this tomorrow morning.

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