Sunday, May 18, 2014

All is Well with Faye

I called Faye a couple of hours ago and everything seemed to be going well, there. She is throwing a big party so she couldn't talk with me. The fires died down and the smoke cleared so she is happy to throw a party that she had planned for some time. I guess something like 100 people will be there.
Closer to home, the move is still going well. I'm in the clean-up stage, now. Loula was going to help but she didn't show up.
I got the vacuuming done with out her. The vacuum machine broke and I can't find a replacement belt. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'll have to clean up the floor and shower. Maybe I can get Mike to help; he owes me for the computer that I gave him.
On a different track, I'm bidding on some gold, in the form of a coin and rings, at a government auction. I hope I don't get too many of the things I'm bidding on since it would deplete my funds.
There are two reasons that I bid on these things:

  • One, I can't pass up a bargain. I'm a sucker for things priced below what they are worth.
  • Two, I don't want my money in dollars. I feel that the currency will collapse any time, now; and I don't want my money in currency.
Well, that's all that I have for now. I've got to check the auction.
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