Sunday, May 25, 2014

I'm Ashamed of Myself

I should have been cleaning up the old apartment, this weekend, but all that I did was mess with old laptop computers.
At least I seem to have gotten them to work. It's been a struggle. I'm still not sure that they will be stable. Both of them had problems while booting. I don't know what is going on. I replaced the hard drive on one of them and I loaded Linux Mint 17 on both of them.
It turned out that I have to use Chrome instead of Chromium. Chromiun is supposed to be the same as Chrome. It turned out that Chromium won't work with Adobe Flashplayer. That means streaming videos and Pandora don't work with Chromium. I had to download Chrome from the Internet to get them working.
I'm still wondering what the boot problem is. I tried booting one of the machines without having it plugged into the AC adapter. It seemed to work. So I took the other one (which has to have the AC adapter plugged in to work at all) to Culvers. It worked some of the time.
I downloaded an update; maybe that fixed it. It's just so intermittent that it's hard to tell what is causing the problem.
Maybe it's heat-related. Culvers is cooler than my home. I'll have to take the computers to places that I know are cooler. My apartment is quite hot. I haven't turned on the air conditioner , yet.
Well, I know that I need to make more posts. I keep up on Troy at the "Do it Yourself World" on YouTube. I'll have to have more posts to attract more viewers.
That reminds me, (I don't know why) Bitcoins are going through the roof. They had about a 30% rise in the last 3 days. I'm broke so I don't have anything invested in them. When you're broke opportunities abound.
Oh well.

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