Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pray for Faye

I'm sometimes obsessed with my problems and I forget that others have problems as well.
This afternoon I was looking at the news on the Internet and I found that there are a series of wildfires near my sister's house in Fallbrook, California.
I called her and it turned out that it was worse than I feared. There is fire on three sides of her. She has 3 horses to evacuate. She is waiting for someone with a horse trailer to come and help her get the horses out.
Of course, she sees them as being like her children so I didn't even mention that she should just leave.
 Since I'm over 1500 miles away all I can really do is pray for her. I'm also encouraging any of my followers to pray as well. It couldn't hurt.
I'll keep my followers posted on any new developments about Faye.
On a more normal tract for me, the move is coming along well. I'm almost done. I have one or two more loads and then it's just a matter of cleaning up. Loula said that she would help me today but she didn't show up. Maybe she'll help tomorrow.
I haven't checked Bitcoin prices since I don't have any, now. Gold and silver went up today. That's good for me.
There was a disconnect between gold and bonds today. I think Peter Schiff is right and we are heading for inflation, but only time will tell.
That's all I have for now. I've got to charge up the battery on my Tracphone so Faye can call me if she wants to.
Update on Faye

She got the horses out. They are on their way to Temecula. Apparently it's safe there.
I told her to leave as well. She said that they were being told to "shelter in place".
She feels relatively safe since the brush doesn't get very big, there. Another plus is that they've re-opened Interstate 15. That's the major way out of there.
She feels that someone is deliberately setting those fires. She thinks there are too  many for it to be an  accident. She might be right; I told he that it could be Al Quida. Now it's too early to know who is behind this but it could be a terrorist action. That's my guess.

Second Update on Faye

Faye was evacuated last night. She went to Temecula to be with her horses. She slept in her trailer. Apparently the electricity was out for a while. She went back but the wind has picked up and she might have to evacuate again. Your prayers are appreciated.
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