Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Move is Going Well

Last night Gary helped me move the two chests of drawers. That was a big thing to me since that was one of the things that I needed help with. I couldn't get them by myself; they were just too big and clumsy to do it myself.
Now , after we get the bed moved, I'll be able to do the move by myself. I don't like to rely on others to get things done.
Nick found a bad fuse on the motor home. If I can get it replaced it might repair the fuel gauge and the lights on the dashboard. I can buy the fuse but I might have trouble getting to the fuse board to actually replace it; I'm not as limber as Nick.
The bank shafted me yesterday. Something went through later than it should have and I ended up getting 3 overdrafts. It will cost me over $90 in fines. That's how they really make their money. It will be good to transfer my money to a bank in California.
Well, I've got to get the fuse and take some silver out of the bank to sell to Gary. Maybe I'll take this up again later.
I'm back. The fuse seemed to fix a problem or two. Now the fan for the heater works. The fuel gauge went up a bit but it still shows empty when I know that I have a full tank.
Now I'll see if I can give away the desktop computer and the table. Mike expressed interest in the table; maybe he'll take the computer as well.
I've got to get home and load Linux on the computer to destroy everything that I now have on it. Then I'll clear the table and put everything on it into a plastic bin. Then I can give away the table and computer.
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