Monday, May 12, 2014

The Worst is Over

Yesterday, Gary and Mike helped me move the bed. That's the last of the big stuff to move, that I couldn't move by myself.
We moved it in the rain. It got a little wet. I was exhausted by the time we were done.
I sold Gary some silver. I had a series of overdrafts at the bank. I think they take out their loan money too soon for me.
I've got close to $1000 coming into my bank account this week and I still get overdrafts.
There are two auctions that I'm interested in this week. One is on eBay for some Chinese coins. They are Year-of-the-Horse coins.
I think Faye would really like them. She could give them to her horse lover friends.
The other auction is a government liquidation auction. They have a lot of gold coins that I like to bid on.
I doubt that I'll get any gold coin; they always get bid up at the end.
I also bid on a large bag of foreign coins. I'm hoping that there might be some silver coins mixed in. It would take me days to sort through them.
If nobody else wants to bother with them I might just get that. There isn't much hope with the gold coins.
I'm taking the motor home to Dan's Standard today. I still need to load more stuff in it today. I'm hoping to get  that done by 4:00 or 5:00.
I told Dan that this will help him put his daughter through college.
I was figuring out how much it will cost just to drive the motor home to California and it came to over $700 for gas alone. I better save up some more for the move. I might not get out of here until next year.
Well I need to pack up some more stuff.
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