Sunday, June 15, 2014

Buying Gold on EBay

I gave up trying to buy gold at garage sales, here; so I'm back to EBay.
I found a gold bracelet that has 7 1/10 ounce coins in it. It also has gold chains holding it together. I figured that a 1/10 ounce Kruggarand is worth $150 on EBay so 7 of them should be worth $1050 and that's not even counting the gold chain.
I have a credit card that has $1000 on it. If I can use that I'll bid on it. The bidding is now at $760. It's been listed before and the bidding never got over $700. It is a little ugly. Maybe that's why there wasn't much interest.
I don't know what the reserve is; that's the minimum price that the seller will sell it for. I'll bid $960 because I have to pay $20 shipping and there might be other fees. I don't want to go over my credit limit. I just feel that it's a great bargain.
Wish me well or bid against me. It would be good to get it at less than $1000 or just save my money for any of the multitude of things I need it for.
I'm thinking of going back to college and getting my degree in Social Work. I doubt that I'll ever get a job as a social worker but I would like to have a degree. I've gotten very close to it.
I'm thinking of taking most of my classes at a Junior College in Calmar, IA and then transfering the credits to Luther (here in Decorah, IA).
It would take about a year and then I could go out to Happy Camp, CA and pan for gold. Maybe I could work as a social worker in California or Oregon and pan gold on weekends.
It looks like it will take me a year or more to get out of here anyway. I could finance most of my college with Pell grants and help from government agencies. I'll start looking into it tomorrow.
I've got to get on another computer to make sure that I can use my Visa card  on Paypal.
Update on EBay bidding

I was out bid. Someone went up to $1000 for the coin/bracelet. I feel that it was worth $1300 so they did well. I ran out of money at $980. At least I didn't spend anything and I can use my money for something else, next week.
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