Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Decision Time

I feel that it is time for me to decide to get off my butt and go to California, now.
Lately, I've been thinking about going next Spring. I'll have more money; especially after making money shoveling snow. The trouble is that the long awaited currency collapse will be that much closer.
My current thinking is that the world wide currency collapse will be brought on by the Ebola outbreak. As it spreads out from Africa the world's economy will collapse because people will withdraw and not spend money. Everyone will be hiding in their homes. I feel that the lack of consumer spending will wreck the economy. It will probably happen within the next 6 months.
I'm watching the outbreak very closely. It may not spread as much in the Western world but it will get here. People will panic and the only thing that really will prevent it's spread is isolation. Of course, people will say that they are being discriminated against so that may not happen. Those factors increased the spread of AIDS. It will happen again only with more disastrous results.
If I were to get off my butt and sell some etchings and silver I would be able to get out to California and be panning gold in a month or so. It's time to quit straddling the fence. It's important to get out of here.
Even if the epidemic isn't as bad as I think it will be, it will probably trash the economy. Even if it doesn't, I'll still be living quite cheaply and will be finding gold.
On the topic of jumping into my motor home and leaving; I drove the motor home to Waukon, last Sunday. It still drives badly. The new tires helped some but the wind blows it all over the road. People tell me that all motor homes are like that.
I need a few things for it:

  1. Repair the sensors for the gas tanks. The meter shows empty all the time.
  2. Fix the rear tank so I can get fuel into it. The intake hose leaks.
  3. Replace the refrigerator.
  4. Install batteries for the living space.
  5. Install something to hook up the solar panel
  6. Check the brakes. It takes a lot to stop it.
  7.  Replace the vent over the bathroom.
I could skip some things. Like fixing the fuel gauges; if I simply refuel regularly I could do without them. The refigerator could wait. I could simply use an ice box or use canned food. I could put in a battery, myself. Nick just told me a simple way to install the batteries that I could do myself. I think I'll do it this weekend.
That leaves getting the fuel tanks and brakes fixed. I'll have to get after Dan to do those, quickly.
I need to get moving.
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