Thursday, July 10, 2014

I got the Motor Home to the Dealer's Today

I got the motor home (which I now call "The Beast" ) to the dealer in Cresco for servicing. It needs a refrigerator and a vent over the bathroom. There are some other things it needs; but I'm making great progress on getting it ready for the move.
I looked at my old list of things to repair on it and I've already gotten most of it done.
I'll have to guess-imate the gas levels since the tanks are buried under a couple of metal boxes. I guess I'll just try to keep them full. I will have to get locking gas caps. Kids are always stealing gas around here.
I need to contact freight haulers and see if I can have the motor home hauled to California. This morning it started bouncing after going over a rough patch of road. It's hard to keep in my lane. I'm glad that it wasn't windy. If I have to drive it out to California I'll only drive it when there is no wind. I might have to wait several days for the wind to die down. Maybe I'll drive it mostly at night. It would be worth $1500 for me to pay someone to truck it out there. The train people said that it was too small to take by train. Maybe I can find some trucker who needs something for a return trip to help pay for  his gas.
The Ebola epidemic is proceeding. I'm having a hard time getting news about it. The newest news I found was a week old. Maybe the news networks feel that since it is now only in Western Africa that it doesn't count as real news. Maybe it just isn't as out of control as what I've heard. I feel that something which could kill off 50 to 90% of the world's population deserves to be talked about. Maybe the mainstream press is being silenced to prevent panic. I would like to hear more about it.
Gold went up and the stock market went down, today. I guess it had something to do with news out of Portugal. I haven't read anything about it yet; but does it really surprise anyone that bad news can come out of Portugal? I feel that gold has put in a bottom and now is the time to buy it. Maybe it would be even better to pan for it.
I'm wavering on whether I should go to California right away or leave next Spring. I did an analysis of my debts to assets. I'm about $6,000 in debt right now. Sometimes I feel that I should head out and find enough gold to justify leaving. At other times I feel that I should stay where I'm at and get ahead financially before leaving. In the Wintertime, I could put aside about $1,200/month in savings. I have a tendency to buy gold and silver with that money. I'll have to quit that.
At other times (especially after watching Glendon Cammeron on YouTube) I feel that I should drop everything and pursue my dream of panning for gold on the Klamath River.
Right now I feel that I should stay put and set aside money for the move. A worsening of the Ebola outbreak or a collapse of the currency might force me to make my move earlier. Only time will tell.
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