Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not much to Talk about Tonight

Not much is happening here, today.
I had the most boring day at work, nothing got fixed on my motor home, I didn't buy any silver or gold, Bitcoins went down but not by much.
The stock market sold off over 110 points. It might be the beginning of the bubble bursting. If it goes down hard tomorrow maybe it is the start of the depressionary phase that will precede the inflationary phase. We'll see.
The talking heads on CNBC were talking about a bubble bursting; so even mainstream media is looking at that possibility. I only hope that things hold together long enough for me to get to California.
Talking about going to California; I got the batteries installed in the motor home over the weekend. I just used JB Weld to hold down the battery in the engine compartment. The other two are held down better.
When I tried the lights and stuff in the living compartment, nothing worked. I probably have a blown fuse or a switch that's turned off somewhere. Hopefully, the mechanic at the RV dealer's can fix it.
I'm just waiting for the pipe to the fuel tank to be replaced. It also needs a window fixed and the step to the living compartment to be welded. I'll have to find someone to give me a ride back from Cresco where the RV dealer is. That's about 30 miles from here and I don't want to walk back. Maybe I could load the bicycle on the motor home and ride back. It's mostly downhill. I could do that on a weekend. It would take me half a day.
Dan is doing the things that pertain to the mechanical aspect of the motor home. Things like replacing the refrigerator and the vents are going to be done in Cresco.
The mainstream media isn't talking about the Ebola outbreak. I think they are trying to keep us in the dark. If we knew the truth, panic would break out and the world's economy (which is already fragile) would collapse. I expect that to happen in about 6 months anyway. I hope I'm wrong because I would be in a better position to make my move in a few more months. Of course, life never gives you the chance to do things in a more rational manner. It looks like I'll have to get my act together and get the heck out of here, soon. I want to be far away from all of these liberals when the shit hits the fan.
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