Friday, July 25, 2014

Slow Day at the Peace Center

It's a slow day at the Peace and Justice Center. I'm waiting to hear from someone at Sumac about why the printer doesn't work with Sumac's software. Everything else works.
Everybody is at the fundraising taco sales at the Methodist Church. I'm just watching the phone and waiting for people to come by.
My RV is running pretty well. I'll be able to go out to California if I get the job at the gold prospecting place. I'm waiting to hear about all of the electrical stuff in the living section of it. There is a short in the 12 volt line so nothing is working, now. It's at a repair shop at the top of the hill, by the airport. Decorah is in a bowl that was caused by an asteroid strike millions of years ago, so in any direction out of Decorah you go up a hill.
I sent some gold off to a refiner, yesterday. It looks like I'll get a lot for it but I don't know how much is real and how much is just plated. I'll know next week. I have a good notion to leave it in gold since I don't trust the currency, that much. If they insist on paying me I'll have a lot more money to go to California with.
I'm watching the Ebola outbreak in the news. The mainstream media isn't making much of it, yet. I found an article that described how nations in the area of it are responding. It looks like they are taking it very seriously. I hope that they can stop it before it gets here but I doubt that they will be able to. It looks like the speed of it spreading is slowing down. It could be that sick people are hiding and not reporting it. That is something that seems to be happening in West Africa. There were reports of hotels that are normally full now being down to 1/3 capacity; so the panic may be starting. I expect the panic to take down the world's economy if it's as bad as I think it may be. We'll know in a few months.
It appears that the U.S.A. is determined to get into a war with Russia. They are accusing the Russians of shelling the Ukrainian forces from Russia. It looks to me like they will do anything to stop someone from using a different currency than the dollar to buy oil.
The news about the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner looks like a "false flag" event to me. That means that someone does something and blames someone else so they can go to war or something. The U.S. is big on that.
On that note, I'll sign off.

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