Saturday, July 19, 2014

Welcome to my Readers from Moldova

For some unknown reason I'm getting a lot of readers from Moldova. I had to Google it. That could be bad because the United States always gets into wars with countries that I have to look up. You are close to the Ukraine so I hope there is no spillover from there.
Maybe people, there, are moving into motor homes like me. The economy is so bad, here, that a lot of people are moving into something that they can live in on the street. And it's not about to get any better.
Talking about the motor home, I had a lot of bad news, today. I'll have to replace the furnace, water heater and refrigerator. That will set me back by several hundred dollars. I'm wondering if a plumber could fix these things. I'll find out Monday. I'll call a plumber who I know works on mobile homes and see if he can repair my motor home. If I'm lucky, he'll fix up everything.
Maybe we can get a discussion going. I'm leaning towards believing that the United States was behind the airliner getting shot down in the Ukraine. It reminds me of the way the 9/11 thing was staged to invade a country for oil. I still don't know how they justified invading Iraq but they did. Now it looks to me like the U.S.A wants to invade Russia so they staged a "false flag" event. After a few days, the mainstream media will be calling for war with Russia. I don't see any reason that Russia or the Russian separatists would want to bring the world down on themselves by shooting down an airliner. It looks like something the war-mongers in the United States would do. That's my opinion. Feel free to leave comments. I haven't gotten any for a few years.
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