Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebola and YouTube

I'm still trying to keep up on what's happening with Ebola.
Tonight, I'll talk about some of the YouTube channels that have touched on the topic.
The first on is the Sefan Molyneux channel. He feels that people like me are blowing things out of proportion. He makes the case that something like 30,000,000 people die each year from the flu; therefore Ebola which has only killed 900 people so far isn't that big of a thing.
Maybe he's right but the thing that concerns me isn't the totals, now; it's the way the numbers keep doubling. This looks like an exponential progression to me. That means that if it continues it will spread to all of mankind in a few months.
Flu and malaria and other diseases all seem to top out at a certain point after a while. Maybe Ebola will as well but it doesn't show any sign of doing so for now.
There are some things that will slow it down. The first is that it tends to kill it's victim's. That means that there is only a short period of time when someone is actively walking around and spreading it. Since it's so debilitating a person with it might only be on his feet for a couple of days before he's on his deathbed.
It seems to only be spread by contact with body fluids. A lot of people are saying that it's not airborne.
This seems to be why so many health care workers are coming down with it. Apparently there is only one health care worker to 30 or more patients. Under those conditions, it might be understandable why so many nurses and doctors are dying.
Caring for the bodies is also a way to get the disease. Things are so bad in Sierra Leone that people are dragging the bodies out into the streets because they don't want to go to the trouble of decontaminating their houses. That might be the most common way to get the disease (handling the bodies).
Back to the exponential aspect, go to ChrisMartinsondotcom on YouTube for in detailed discussions of exponential graphs. He talks about the increasing usage of natural resources and the national debt. If Ebola fits on one of his charts it will throw all of his other charts out the window with the decline in population.
It's too early to tell if Ebola will continue to spread exponentially. If it does we will all get it and we will probably have a 90% death rate.
I just got done watching the Patriot Nurse on YouTube and I feel that she covered the topic better than anyone else. Be sure to see what she has to say, today.
All we can do is to try to be informed; everything is still very much up in the air right now.
I'm paranoid ( that is part of my diagnosis) so I'll keep trying to find out what is happening with Ebola. I don't know where, or how I can bug out for this anyway. I have the feeling that it will spread world-wide in a fairly short period of time. Maybe I'll take the Patriot Nurse's advice and take some supplements.
That's all for now
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