Friday, August 22, 2014

Ebola an STD?

I'll get to the topic hinted at in the title a little later.
I want to talk about quarantining Ebola patients, first. I saw an article that talked about the problem of accidentally mixing people with other diseases with Ebola patients, today. The writer ended up saying that they felt that Ebola patients should be isolated at home at least until it was certain that they had Ebola. The possibility of putting someone with another illness into an Ebola ward was just too severe.
Another article said that a knowledgeable doctor could simply smell Ebola. If they can do that early in the diseases progression it would help immensely and make the decision to send a patient to an Ebola ward a lot simpler. Heaven knows, doctors need all the help they can get.
Back to the Ebola as an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disesase) possibility. A week or two ago I read something that said that Ebola can be spread by semen or vaginal fluids for up to two months after the person is considered cured. Today the spouses of two of the people who were infected by Patrick Sawyer came down with Ebola. That raises the possibility that they were infected before their mates had obvious signs of the disease. It seems to me that if it can be spread by sex after they had been officially cured maybe it can be spread before it is apparent. I'm just saying that this needs to be looked into. Maybe it can be confirmed by statistics; I don't see any sense in risking any one's life to find out if it can be spread by sex before the person shows signs of the illness. I'm probably being paranoid again.  
On a lighter topic. I'm still trying to sell my etchings by Malcolm Childers. I've got a couple of them on EBay right now. I'm only asking $75 each for them. I've got several others at an art framing gallery. I also have several that are framed that I'll try to sell next Spring.  I'll be asking a lot more for the framed works. Most of those are more rare. If anyone is interested in getting your hands on some quality art at a reasonable price contact me at I prefer to be paid with Bitcoins but I can take fiat as well. If you are interested in some of the less expensive ones, go to Malcolm's website at and check out his less expensive works. I may have the one you like.

This is one of my favorite Childer's etching. It's named "Frenchy's Flathead Flyer"
I have a framed version of it and I would have to wait until next Spring to sell it. I would want at least $500 for it.

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