Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm going Viral (for me).

I'm getting a lot more viewers since I started talking about Ebola.
I think it makes sense since I'm talking about something that could kill off over half of the world's population and it's hard to find any one else talking about it, yet.
CNBC is starting to have some articles about it and I've seen some mainstream TV articles about it, so they aren't totally ignoring it.
Even the things I'm seeing on the Internet are trying to gloss it over. I was watching a doctor on CNBC who was saying that it's not very contagious and it's no worse than malaria and other tropical diseases.
I have doubts about it not being all that contagious since so many medical personnel are coming down with it. It's beginning to look like it''s airborne. After all, wouldn't a doctor who is treating someone who got sick on a plane from Liberia take all sorts of precautions? Why did he catch it?
Now I'm wondering how many people on that plane are now spreading it.
Getting back to the two Americans who were brought back from Africa to treat their Ebola. Apparently they were given an experimental treatment that worked (at least for the first one).
I found some information about their medicine. First of all, it won't be in production until next year. It's made with tobacco plants and mouse DNA. A friend of mine said that it sounded like witchcraft to him.
I have to wonder if the ruling 0.5% of the rich people have found a way to get rid of us poor people and simply bribe their way out of getting the disease. With enough money they should be able to just buy their way out of this like they buy their way out of everything else.
I should mention that the reason I think this epidemic is so important is that it appears to multiply at an exponential rate. To me, it looks like the number of new cases doubles every two weeks. That might not be so many right now but if that pattern continues it will spread throughout the world in six months or so. I feel that we are looking at the possibility of a mass die-off. Only time will tell.
I saw something a few days ago that stated that we should know how bad it will be within a week. I think he was right. If the people on that plane start coming down with Ebola it could spread throughout the world a lot faster than I thought it would. I'm not sure that we would know if it's airborne yet. If that guy was vomiting in the toilet a lot of people who used the toilet might have been more exposed to it. There might have been a lot of people exposed to body fluids on that plane, so we still won't know if it's airborne.
I saw that various health agencies are funding $260 million to fight Ebola. That's a lot more than the $385,000 that was spent so far. Maybe it's getting the recognition that it deserves. I only hope that it's in time.
I want to say hi to all of my new readers. I also want to thank all of the Moldova readers for coming back. I had 79 viewers today. In the past 3 or 4 years of blogging I've never gotten more than 10 or so viewers on a single day. So thank you, all.
I'll see if I can get back soon.
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