Saturday, August 16, 2014

Is the Ebola outbreak worse than we realize?

The short answer is "hell yes".
In spite of the Draconian actions that the 3 countries which have it the most have been taking, it is totally out of control. I have the feeling that we have no idea of how bad it is because the numbers we are getting are distorted.
For one thing the people doing the counting are risking their lives and some of them are dying just trying to get a handle on how many have this disease.
Another thing is that a lot of people are trying to treat it at home. I think that might be because if a person gets sick in those countries they probably realize that going to an Ebola hospital is certain death. They might feel that they only have Malaria or something. With their impaired immune system, going to an Ebola hospital would mean that they would get Ebola for certain. And that would surely kill them. So most people are avoiding those places.
This means that the ability of the health systems authorities to trace the spread of Ebola is impaired. I think that was what the WHO was talking about when they said that Ebola was "out of control". They can't track it and isolate the victims.
There was good news out of Nigeria. They said that they had contained the outbreak, there. It was due to one man (Patrick Sawyer) and they had tracked all of his contacts. They feel that it is under control. I wish them well. It would have been terrible for the city of Lagos to have it spread there.
That's all I've got to say about Ebola, today. I'm still in a "watch and wait" mode of operation.
I'm still trying to get my bug out vehicle ready. It needs a water tank. The leak can be fixed but it was full of black mold. The repair guy wants to replace it. Maybe I could get by with just decontaminating it but I would like to have a larger one, anyway. I've got to get to the shop and see how it's coming.
I'll be ready to bug out when Ebola gets here but I don't know where to go yet. I might go to Happy Camp, California. I've got a membership to a gold prospector's club, there. I might go to my sister's place in Fallbrook, California. The trouble with that is that it's in the middle of a large population center. My sister's son has an island off the coast of Washington. That would probably be my best bet. I also have a membership to a gold prospecting club that is nationwide. I could go to any of hundreds of claims and just stay there. I'll be ready when the time comes to bug out.
Well I've got to go up the hill to the repair shop and see how my motorhome is coming.
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