Sunday, August 3, 2014

More about the Ebola Outbreak

First of all, I want to say that bringing those sick doctors home from Africa was not only a stupid move in regards to the possibility of spreading the disease but it was incredibly racist as well. Would anyone even consider bringing home a black doctor?
I think not. And I'm rather racist myself. I consider that too bigoted for me to do if I were in decision making position. I hope that the spokesmen for the blacks pick up on it.
Anyway it seemed to me to be incredibly stupid to bring anyone with Ebola to the U.S.A. It will get here soon enough. We don't need to speed up the process.
Someone on one of the prepper channels said that he heard that they were brought here so medical personnel could investigate a new form of Ebola that these two apparently have. Maybe that would make sense; I don't see any other reason for such stupidity.
The financial panic seems to be moving faster than I thought it would. I was watching an interview of a woman who shut down her business in Liberia and returned home to America. She said that sales (apparently clothing sales) had slowed down to the point that it didn't make much sense to stay open anyway.
I have two points to make about that. First, it appears that a lot of people are leaving Africa and coming to the U.S.A. to avoid the epidemic. That means they'll bring the virus with them earlier than I expected. Second, the financial fallout is already severe and it will get worse. This could start the financial panic earlier and harder than I expected.
I think we'll know what to expect by next week.
If masses of people start dying in the U.S. this month I might move to La Crosse and spend my time at the Christian Science reading room. Maybe I'll drop everything and go out to California early. I could borrow some money from Faye and I think that would qualify as an emergency.
I think I'll start posting on my blog a lot more often until the Ebola outbreak dies down.
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