Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Disjointed Ramblings about Ebola

A week or two ago I watched a doctor being interviewed on CNBC. The topic was Ebola, and how contagious it is.
He stated that he would have no trouble sitting next to an Ebola patient on an airplane.
Well, the man who did sit next to Patrick Sawyer on the flight to Lagos, Nigeria came down with Ebola. I don't know if he is still alive. So much for that doctor's believability.
I saw some articles on the Internet on this topic.
Apparently Ebola is not airborne. That means that it can't travel through the air by itself. On the other hand, it can travel through droplets of water such as those scattered by a sneeze. It looks to me like it's too fine of a distinction to make any real difference. I don't want to be anywhere near an Ebola patient. If he sneezes or sweats on something you both touch like a doorknob, you can come down with it. Keeping away from Ebola victims is a priority.
And that doctor should go back on CNBC and do some explaining.  It's bad enough that we get misleading financial advice from that channel but now they are giving out information that could lead to your death.
About what happened over the weekend in Liberia. Maybe someone actually read my blog where I stated that if a Malaria victim ended up in an Ebola ward by mistake; it would result in their certain death. Some of the patients were carried away by people who said that they had Malaria. Those people have a valid concern. Something needs to be done to identify genuine Ebola victims and keep them away from people with other diseases.
Of course, the health care systems in places like West Point, Liberia is already taxed to capacity.
On a positive note. The Nigerian government seems to have contained the outbreak caused by Patrick Sawyer. They seem to have limited it to 13 people, including Sawyer. There doesn't seem to be new cases all over the world due to the people on that plane taking it everywhere. That was a concern of mine. Kudos to the health care system in Nigeria. It's good to have an occasional victory. Of course, it's just a delaying action. Africa (with it's poverty and overpopulation) is screwed when it comes to Ebola. At least it looks that way to me, for now.
If I was a good Christian Scientist, I would just pray until I saw that God is in charge and would never let millions of people die of a stupid, jungle disease. Unfortunately I find myself watching like someone watching a wreck on a race track. Maybe I should call a practitioner and ask for help.
That's enough rambling for now.
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