Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Blog is Going Viral Again

Welcome back, everyone, especially all of the people from Moldova. I don't know why I'm so popular, there. Maybe an English teacher is showing his students how not to use commas. I never know when to use them and when not to.
Ebola is still on my mind.
The headlines today made me wonder if someone from Liberia was reading my blog last night.
The West Point suburb of Monrovia has been quarantined with the military backing it up. I feel that they had little choice in the matter.
They had riots there which scattered Ebola patients to the wind; not to mention that blood-stained sheets and other contaminated material were stolen.
It looks to me like someone made the decision that West Point was a lost cause and they would try to keep Ebola from spreading from there.
I may be a bit hard-hearted but I think they were right. There are now countless ways to spread the disease, there. Not only are there contaminated materials all over the place but it is common to use the ocean as a toilet, there. They only have a few toilets there (I heard only 3) so everyone uses the ocean to defecate. It's probably is a lost cause. By quarantining it they might be able to slow the spread to the rest of Monrovia.
On a different Ebola front, Nigeria had 2 more Ebola patients today. Yesterday it looked like they had contained it; today I'm not so sure.
It's still a small number in Nigeria (only 15) but the significant thing is that it was spread by someone riding an airplane. If more people got it from riding that plane Ebola may now be spreading all over the world by the people on that plane.
Thinking like that is starting to spread panic.
Panic is starting to show up in the U.S.A. I think it's starting with people who are subject to having panic attacks. I forget what the diagnosis is for such people but they are showing up at hospitals in the U.S. I read somewhere that there have been 64 people who thought they had Ebola who turned themselves into hospitals.
Only a few have been isolated. They are the ones who  may have had a good reason to be concerned; such as they had been on a plane a couple of weeks ago in Nigeria. They are being tested and, so far, none have had Ebola.
All we can do is to try to keep informed and maybe get ready to bug out if it gets really bad.
That reminds me, I'm still trying to get my bug out vehicle ready. I had the water tank cleaned out. I'm going to rely on filters for my drinking water. I think that is good enough. I still don't know if the water heater and furnace work. I tried the air conditioner and it didn't come on. Maybe I need to have it hooked up to the AC power for that to work. I replaced a bunch of light bulbs with LED light bulbs. It turned out that 3 of the light fixtures need to be replaced.
At least it drives and I can live on the canned food that is already in it for a couple of months if I have to.
I don't think I'll have to bug out for at least another 6 months. I was looking at the number of new Ebola patients and it seems to have tapered off, somewhat. I was looking at a chart that goes back to last Spring and I noticed that it leveled off in March and April. That may be just the normal ebb and flow of this sort of thing. It also could be that we aren't getting accurate figures. Only time will tell.
On that note, I'll sign off.
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