Monday, August 25, 2014

Not much news on Ebola Today

I spent a lot of time checking out the articles on the Internet about Ebola, today.
The only thing I saw that was a bit new was an article about "bush meat".
Of course, bush meat refers to wild game; especially game taken in Africa.
The writer of the article apparently did an article a few months ago on this topic. Then he went to grocery stores in ethnic African communities in the New York, NY area.
Then, he found plenty of "bush meat" to be found at a high price. Africans must like their wild meat.
He went back to the places that he found bush meat a few months ago and found that it was no longer being sold. Maybe the Ebola outbreak is scaring people from continuing to eat that.
I see that as a good thing. Bush meat was another unchecked route for Ebola to enter the U.S.
There was an article about Ebola in the Congo. It turned out that it is a different form of Ebola. I don't believe that it is as dangerous as the Zaire variant. So far, only 2 people have it so I don't think it will be a big thing. I could be wrong.
Not much else happened with me, today.
I have to get to the RV repair place and see how my motor home is coming. I need to find out how much repairing I'll have to do with it. I know that I need 3 light fixtures. I would like to get the fuel gauges working. I also need to have the rider's side window fixed. I also need to find shower curtains and privacy curtains. Those are just the things I know about. I haven't had the furnace, water heater, refrigerator, and air conditioner checked yet. I still don't know where I stand with the motor home.
I was watching Glendon Cammeron on YouTube, last night. He made 2 main points:

  1. We are all selling something; selling is not inherently bad.
  2. We all have to ask for money; asking for money is inevitable.
It got me thinking about asking people for a loan to get out to California and finding gold. I think I'll use my art and precious metals as collateral and ask people for a loan to get my gold prospecting business off the ground. I just have to get up the courage to ask people for money. Glendon is right again.
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