Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Vehicles get no Respect

Every time I take my van to Dan's to have work done on it he makes sure to ask if I really want to spend that kind of money on such an old vehicle.
The same thing happened with my motor home. The owner of the truck repair shop didn't believe that it made any sense to repair such an old POS. He told me to go to another place.
If I was rich, I wouldn't have these troubles. A new vehicle would work and everyone would presume that I had plenty of money to repair whatever needs repair.
I see a lot of writings that say you shouldn't let your mental illness define you.
I say "hogwash"; mental illness and poverty do define you whether you want it to or not.
Every decision I make is based on how little money I have and the limitations that are laid on me due to my diagnosis.
I haven't been to a movie for the last 3 years because I can not afford the ticket and the popcorn. The only times I go to a restaurant that you have to leave a tip for is when Jim and Sherry take me to a birthday meal. I get my food at the church's food pantry and I settle for whatever they have. I live in the cheapest, dumpiest place in Decorah; and I'm trying to move into a 40 year old motor home.
I just had to get that crap off of my mind.
Back to Ebola. Stefan Molyneux had another good vlog about Ebola on YouTube, again. He also had a vlog about being a victim. I encourage you to watch both of them.
Shortly after my last blog somebody straighten out the numbers on Ebola, and the high numbers are apparently the correct ones. The last I saw, the number of cases is around 8500 with around 4000 deaths.
In his recent vlog about Ebola, Stefan talked about some of the stupid things that health care professionals keep doing around Ebola patients. I urge you to watch his vlog.
I'm thinking about cutting back on viewing YouTube videos.
Most of the doom and gloomer financial videos are getting a bit repetitive. If the world's economy doesn't collapse this Fall or Winter I'll be quite disappointed with them. I've bought all the gold, silver, and food that I can afford. I don't know how to get more prepared for the inevitable collapse. I'm trying to get my motor home running so I can head off to Canada or somewhere.
It's all just too expensive. Maybe I could rent Jim's place and forage for nuts and trap squirrels.
Well, I've got to go and try to track down an old Bitcoin purchase from 2010. If I find the right information I might be rich.
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