Saturday, October 4, 2014

Still Trying to Figure out how bad it really is

I'm still trying to figure out how bad the Ebola outbreak really is.
Most of the time I feel that 90% of the human race will die out in the next 2 or so years. That will happen if it proceeds at the exponential rate that it has been proceeding at.
An hour or so ago, I was watching a doctor on the Internet. He was talking about how hard it was to spread it. He was very compelling. Listening to him, made me think that there was nothing to worry about in the United States.
I have my doubts. I remember watching a very compelling doctor say that he wouldn't be afraid of sitting next to an Ebola victim on an airplane. Two weeks later the person who sat next to Patrick Sawyer (the Ebola victim who flew from Liberia to Nigeria) ended up dead.
I have my doubts about what people say about how tame this disease is.
There are two things going on now that are drawing my attention. The first is how much Ebola is spreading in Dallas, Texas. The guy spreading it there had upwards of 8 days to have spread it. Maybe he stayed at home and never did get out. If he got out and it's easier to spread than the authorities are telling us, there might be a lot more cases, there.
More important, however, might be the new, potential, case in Washington D.C.
The person who is being tested for Ebola came from Nigeria. If he has it, it means that the disease is being spread through Nigeria a lot more than we are being told. The Nigerian authorities are saying that it's been contained. If this person tests positive we have to wonder if it's spreading throughout Lagos. That is a city of between 21 and 22 million people. That implies that it's a lot more widespread than is now acknowledged.
Another thing I'm concerned about it the spread of another strain of Ebola in the Congo. Like I said, it's a different strain. It seems to be spreading faster than the first strain. I also have to wonder if a person can get both strains. What would that do to the mortality rate?
I haven't heard much about that, lately. Everyone is so focused on the outbreak in Dallas that nobody is paying attention to this new outbreak.

I was just talking with Gretchen at the Co-op about Ebola. I have her converted into a state of total paranoia. It made my day.
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