Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ebola a Solution to the Social Security Problem?

So, will the Ebola epidemic solve the problem which faces Social Security (where as there are too many old people taking out compared with the young people paying in)?
I saw an article on the Internet, somewhere, about a study done in Sierra Leone. It showed that people over the age of 45 tended to die of Ebola at a rate of over 90%. The death rate for those under 30 was only around 45%.
That raises the question of whether or not the government is trying to spread it to get rid of the old folks who draw on Social Security. I wouldn't put it past them. It would also make a dent in the over-population problem.
That reminds me; the CDC killed an article that showed that Ebola could, in fact, be spread by sneezing. People have been saying that for some time and the CDC briefly admitted it. They took that down from their site, but us fanatics who watch for things like that, all saw it.
I feel that the government and the controlled press is trying to suppress all the real news about Ebola to prevent a financial and general panic.
They are even going so far as to say that the numbers out of Liberia are getting better. I don't believe them. Of course, it's hard to get any real numbers out of Liberia; and probably Sierra Leone as well. People are simply caring for their sick and dead at home and they aren't reporting them. They don't want their loved ones cremated and there isn't room in the Ebola clinics even if they trusted the doctors and such; which they don't. Therefor the numbers are suspect.
For me, the important numbers are the numbers of people bringing Ebola, here.
I was disappointed with that nurse who refused to stay in quarantine. She seems stupid and irresponsible to me. I think the people who are imposing quarantines are doing the right thing. It's beginning to look like it will take a long time to really spread here but I don't feel there is any hurry. Anything that will delay the spread of Ebola is a good thing in my opinion. And quarantines are about the only thing we have that might work.
On a lighter topic, I got my motor home out of the repair shop, today. The shock absorbers helped a lot; it now stays in it's lane better. And it's nice to know how much fuel I have; even though I could only get one tank to work.
I'm a lot more ready to bug out, now.
I applied for a job at the Northeast Iowa Community College. It's for shoveling snow, this Winter. It would be a full time job and will pay $9.65/hr. That will more than double my present income and will go a long way towards helping me bug out to the gold fields, next year.
I haven't heard from them yet; but the person hiring let it slip that I'm the only one applying, so far. I'm really looking forward to leaving the Peace Center.
Well, that's all I have for now.
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