Wednesday, December 17, 2014

G4T is back

George for Title or G4T is back on YouTube. I used to watch him a lot. I think the trolls got his site taken down for being too negative or fraudulent. He did have a lot of drama in his content which was questionable.
I guess that is something that can happen to someone who is trying to get more viewers. They pump things up a bit.
I do like his content. He interviewed a homeless guy in one vlog; and he talked about the collapsing Ruble and the oil prices going down in other vlogs.
He has some vlogs where he addresses the outrageous price of living in California; and he talks about alternative lifestyles.
I have always enjoyed his vlogs. It's good to see him back.
I've been watching the markets, lately. I've come to the conclusion that everything is manipulated. It's really not to sensible to trade anything because someone (buying or selling billions of dollars worth of derivatives) can rig the markets any way that pleases them.
The Russian Ruble is an example of this. Russia has a trade surplus; they have practically no debt; they are exporting. So why is the Ruble going down?
 To me it's obvious that someone is manipulating the markets. I don't know how to trade it. I tried to buy the Ruble 2 months ago. It went down from there. It's like "catching a falling knife". If you aren't on the inside you'll lose money. Watch the video by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Greg Hunter channel of YouTube for a more authoritative analysis of the Russian crisis.
I don't feel that logic works any more. You can't figure out how the markets are manipulated. Your last name isn't Rockefeller or anything like that. There is no sense in trying to make money on any market.
That leaves getting off the grid and living as cheaply as possible.
I tried working for a living but that is a delusion as well. You'll never get enough money to buy a nice house, get married, and raise kids. It's just out of the reach of practically everybody. The fifties came and went. We all have to deal with poverty and hopelessness, now.
I even have the feeling that gold and silver will go down in value. The markets are that manipulated. Nothing has any real value. It's all set by a few people on Wall Street.
It's time to stock up on food, guns and gold. I also think it makes sense to get an RV for living in. That way you should always have a roof over your head.
I'm going to concentrate on getting my motor home ready for the trip to California and forget about everything else.
I hope that I'll be able to live on mining claims for long periods of time. I still would like to find gold while I'm living cheap. I don't know what I'll do when my body starts giving out. Maybe I'll move to Slab City like the "Nomadic Fanatic" on YouTube. It looks pretty good but I'm afraid it might get quite crowded, soon.
That's all that I have for now.
I have to run by the Post Office and see about getting a pass port. I might have to flee to Canada.

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