Monday, January 19, 2015

Internet connections are driving me "nuts".

I've wasted an entire weekend just trying to get good Internet connections.
They changed the password at the Peace Center, the Co-op didn't work and my connection to Magpie was bad. I even went to the Magpie Coffeehouse and had a cookie and coffee and there the connection was bad.
I might have to break down and actually pay for Internet. I might just rent an office at the Peace Center. Then I would have a little room to do things with.
This business of going to coffee shops for Internet access is just too damned expensive. And I have a lot of trouble with their Internet, as well.
I priced the Internet from the cable  company. The thing that discourages me from getting their service is that they have limits on how many gigabytes you can download. I'm afraid I'll always be going over. I could do things like downloading operating systems at coffee houses but that would get away from my idea of limiting my spending at coffee houses.
Watch David Morgan on Youtube, today. He came out for revolution. I agree with him; it's about time. We are getting as bad as the Soviet Union before they were overthrown. A lot hinges on the military. The important thing is how do we get them informed about what is really going on?
Maybe I'll defect when I go to Canada, this Spring. The right conversation with an informed Canadian could put me over the edge.
I think about how many Jews left Europe in the 30's. Over 2 million of them got out while the getting out was good. People forget that there are always those who accurately predict future events.
On another topic, my motor home is still in the shop. I gave the repair guy a list of things I wanted done. I am waiting to hear from him. The Beast, as I now call it, will be ready to roll by the end of March. I'm ready to get out of here and find some gold. Maybe I'll find enough to start a homestead. I don't know if I have enough energy left to really get a homestead off the ground. I also don't know if I'll be able to find any gold or if it will be worth anything if  do.
All I can do is to plug along and try to do the right thing. I hope that I will be divinely led in the next few years as well.
On yet a different topic, my etchings are being shown at Luther College. They really look nice. I got paid $250 for showing them. It comes at a good time. I was getting a little broke; I spent too much for computer parts and silver on Ebay.
Of course, if I had a lot of money I could spend as much as I like on computers and silver. It's just a matter of always being broke that is the problem.
I'll sign off on that note.
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