Saturday, April 18, 2015

I was Approved for the Loan

I was approved for the loan to get a new trailer. I just have to come up with the down-payment. That's around $1100.
I could sell some silver or gold for that much.
After I got my approval I went to the other trailer dealer to see if I can sell him my motor home. He said that he would take the motor home as a trade if I bought a trailer from him.
Since I want to get rid of the motor home, it's tempting. I'll see him next Monday to see what he comes up with.
I'm trying to sell things but nothing is moving. I couldn't sell my etchings. I may be stuck with them for the rest of my life. There really doesn't seem to be a market for art except at the "Van Gogh" level. Art for the common people doesn't seem to move.
Raymundo will help me move. I'm going to fix a couple of computers for him and maybe give him some things like a vacuum cleaner. At least I don't have to face moving by myself.
I was watching something on the Internet, last night.
I think the "powers that be" are trying to infiltrate the alternative media. There was something about the global currency reset that tried to make the case that it wouldn't happen.
He was saying that it was too big of a thing to happen. That several countries use the dollar rather than have their own currency.
The way I see it, just because something would be terrible if it happens doesn't mean that it won't happen. Remember Hurricane Sandy.
I'm still going for gold and I'll be trying to get set up for a currency collapse.
I hope to find enough gold to finance getting my own homestead, a long ways south of here.
I don't consider the northern part of the U.S.A. to be habitable in a currency collapse. I don't think it makes much sense to be cutting wood for most of my day. And that's what a person would do here if there wasn't money for natural gas.
Oh well, I've got to get packing for the move and I've been putting off washing the dishes for weeks, now.
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