Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Now I've got a lot of Viewers from Russia.

I don't know why but I suddenly have a lot of viewers from Russia.
A few months ago I had a lot of viewers from Moldova. They went away and now the Russians have appeared.
I'm going to talk to a couple of bankers, today. I'm trying to finance an new trailer.
The old motor home is taking too much to get it ready for the trip to California. I'm probably better off with something new, anyway.
I might be able to combine it with other loans and get a better rate.
I got to looking at a new trailer at "Camp Site RV" in Cresco, IA. It's a 2014 model so they are giving me a heck of a discount.
I saw one that I liked better on Ebay but it didn't reach the reserve price, yet. I don't know what it will sell for but I'll have to have my banker OK me to bid on it.
Maybe I should just get the old motor home running. I'm getting impatient.
I have to get my etchings sold. I have about 3 places I need to call about that, today. That would really get me moving.
I need to talk to Raymundo about helping me get packed up and ready to go. I'm hoping that he will take ounces of silver for payment.
I've got another old laptop to work on. Teresa at Java Johns gave me one with a bad display to look at.
I've got to get home and make some calls
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