Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slow Day

I didn't accomplish much today.
I contacted and made sure that the money from the sale of my silver to them was on it's way to me. It turned out that because my phone didn't work right it was delayed. It's on it's way, now. It'll be here by some time next week.
I sold some more of my silver, last night. I now don't have much more to sell.
I'll have to down payment for the trailer but I need more to make the move to California.
I need to sell the etchings. That would really free me up for the move.
I'm waiting to hear about a "pre-approved" credit card balance transfer. The trouble with that is that I'll be taking on more debt.
If I find tons of gold in California it would make sense to take on more debt.
But that's not the way anything has ever worked for me. If I repeat my pattern I'll end up deep in debt with no income. That's the way it has always worked out before. I always take big risks and end up with nothing gained by it.
Maybe I should just stay in town and get a job. I could try prospecting for gold next year; when I'll have a lot less debt.
Of course, I have a dim view of finding a job. I haven't been able to find a non-subsidized job for the last 15 years. Of course, anything that paid minimum wage would look good to me.
I think I'll go to LaCrosse tomorrow. I'll try to sell the etchings and maybe I'll ask around the church to see if anyone knows of a job I could do. Maybe I could live in either the trailer or the motor home.
It would be good to hang out at Starbucks anyway.
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