Saturday, May 2, 2015

Everything's up in the Air.

Although I'm certain that I will be going to California, soon, I'm still wondering what I'll take with me.
I've been approved for a loan to buy a new trailer. I think I'll refuse the loan.
 Although it would be nice to have a new trailer of my own; now that my sister has offered to loan me her's I feel that it would make more sense to use her's.
My motor home is taking too long to repair to be usable; so I'll just go out in my van and live in the
 van and a tent.
I can borrow my sister's trailer some time in the latter part of June. That would be nice.
I'm getting a trailer hitch put on my van, next week. I would have had it done by now but they sent the wrong hitch.
I'm thinking about getting a small trailer for hauling my possessions from Harbor Freight. It will cost less than $400 but I'll have to  put walls and a floor on it. Then I could pack all of my belongings to California. Maybe  I'll get the motor home out there to live in or just find an apartment.
I could probably shovel snow in the Winter and fix old laptops as well. I hope that I'll find enough gold to not have to worry about all of that.
I'm getting the financing together for the trip. I sold a bunch of silver and transferred balances to different credit cards. I'm as ready to go as I'll ever be.
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