Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm in Yreka

I pulled into Yreka last night. I got a motel room for a week; so much for sleeping in the van.
I'll be on my way to Happy Camp this morning. I hope to do some prospecting today, yet.
The roads to get here last night were terrible. I couldn't go faster than 55 most of the night. I've never driven through so  many mountain roads. It was pretty while there was light but I can see how it would discourage most people from coming here.
Well, I've got to watch Troy on Do it Yourself World and drive to Happy Camp.

This morning, I went to Happy Camp.
I picked up a replacement membership card and a gold pan. I also picked up a map of the claims.
I'm hoping to get out to the claims today. Maybe I can find some gold.
The trip to Happy Camp is a very long and tiring effort. I'm having a hard time getting used to driving in the mountains.
Twenty years ago I was used to travailing on mountain roads; now I have to get used to them again.
I've got a motel room for a week so I'll be here at least that long. I hope to fly back and then, drive the motor home out here.
If I don't find any gold I'll just drive the van and trailer back. If that happens I'll have my tail between my legs; like a licked dog.
Now I can't find my dowsing rods. I tried to keep the things I needed for actual gold prospecting separate from my other stuff. Apparently I did too good of a job of it. Now I can't find the box that I had my gold hunting stuff in. I had two sets of dowsing rods; now I can't find either one. Maybe I can find a pair to buy, here. I'll have to shop around. Maybe I'll take everything out of the van and go through all of the boxes. I'll need that stuff.
On a more positive note; it looks like some of the best claims are near Yreka. I just need to get my dowsing rods.
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