Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Found Gold; Then I Lost it.

I went to the claim that I've been digging at this morning. I'm still dowsing; and I noticed that the target moved from the hole to the pile of dirt.
I couldn't find a nugget but I noticed that a lot of the grains of sand were quite shiny. Therefor I panned out a pan of the dirt.
While I was panning I saw a streak of gold that was on the bottom of the pan. I should have taken it out right then and there but I thought I could pan out more gold by keeping on panning. Of course, I'm new at this and I washed out the gold.
There were two things I learned:

  1. Always pan into a tub so if something washes out you can repan it and retrieve it again.
  2. When you see gold, collect it right then. 
The important thing is that there is gold where I'm looking for it. Dowsing seems to be working; if it's not, then there is plenty of gold to be found on that claim.
I'm having trouble with my diabetes. I know that a Christian Scientist would basically say to ignore it or pray it away.
I was watching something on PBS today that recommended a diet change. I will go with what they were recommending. I've already cut out a lot of sugar from my diet by not drinking sodas. I'm afraid I'll have to quit eating ice cream as well. That is a major thing to me. I already feel better. Of course I'll call a practitioner as well.
Well that's all for today.
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