Thursday, July 9, 2015

Been Trading Crypto-Currency

When the Greek crisis started I started trading crypto-currencies. I started with Lite Coin and branched out to NMC and PPC.
Crypto-currencies are digital currencies; they are only on the Internet, as in virtual. I feel that they are more real than the regular or (fiat) currencies. You can only make so many of them; fiat currencies can be printed into eternity.
I transferred some money into a leveraged trading platform. It's stuck in a mode where I can only buy more coins. I haven't been able to sell or transfer any money out of that platform. The good thing is that I'm multiplying my money.
The bad thing is that if anything goes wrong I'll lose everything before I can get it out.
I made a support ticket and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I hope to leave the money in there at least until the Greek crisis is over.
I'm trading 24 hrs. a day all week long but I'm multiplying my money by 2 or 3 times over every day. It's hard to get too angry about it.
I haven't done much about hunting for gold. I'm trying to climb a hill  where I feel that some coins may have been dropped by some of the old 49er's. I want to metal detect up there. It's just too steep for this "old fogy" to climb.
I've got some boots for walking out into the river with. I don't want to cut up my feet by walking out there with nothing on my feet. The whole area is full of sharp rocks.
Tomorrow I'm going out on the river. Wish me luck with finding gold
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