Monday, July 13, 2015

Not Much is Going Right, Now

Last week I started buying Litecoin, on margin. Litecoin is a cryto-currency and margin means borrowing money. I had hallucinations where I had convinced the finance minister of Greece to use Litecoin as his currency. Well, I jumped in with both feet.
The first thing that happened is that the trading platform I'm using will not let me sell to close my position. Therefore I could only buy.
That worked fine for a while; I ran $180 into $1200 right off the bat. Then I went to bed one night and found that I was down to $106.
I was still convinced that I was right about Greece so I transferred more money into the account even though I couldn't sell. It went up and then down when it became obvious that Greece wasn't going to do anything with crypto-currency.
I've tried to get a hold of the support for the trading platform but I've had no luck with that. I'm still locked up with trading but at least it isn't crashing.
More bad news is that my trailer (small Harbor Freight) has vanished. I had left it at the claim since it costs $55/month to store. I didn't lose much mining gear (only a couple of buckets a shovel and a small gold pan). There might be some other things gone but I can't remember just what was in the trailer. I still have a metal detector and a large pan so I can still mine gold. I'll have to pick up a bucket tomorrow.
Oh well, enough grousing. Shit happens, but I'm not out too much. I was thinking about getting rid of the trailer, anyway. I can still mine; I just have to get up the energy to actually do it. At least Litecoins seems to have found a bottom.
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