Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Decided Against the Loan

It turned out that the people who wanted to loan me $2300 are getting between 100 and 300% APR. They are doing some sort of short-term loans that only last a few months and the get atrocious interest in return.
I was almost tempted since I might be able to make a ton of money on the financial collapse ( or what I'm starting to call the Reset). I could use put options and inverse ETFs to make a bunch of money. The trouble is that everything is pretty much time sensitive and I could be off, by I don't know how much.
It did get me thinking about another loan that might actually work for me. I could refinance the car. Then I could go back to Iowa and get my stuff out of the motor home; and junk it or give it away. I have a good relationship with a loan officer so maybe I'll do that.
I think the trip out here is just too far for that old motor home. Fifty miles is as far as I would like to go with it.
Maybe I could give it to Brian or Nate. Neither of them would be likely to take it so maybe I could junk it. I would feel guilty selling it to some unsuspecting person. I hate to think about how much I put into it, financially. It's just pouring in good money after bad.
The sensible thing to do is to save up for a nice, new trailer that I can tow with my van.
On a different topic, it rained this morning. I was so nice to have clear air for a while. We could see blue skies and actually see the mountains. The smoke is coming back so the mountains are obscured again. I hope we get a little more rain tonight.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Somebody Wants to Lend Me Money.

I've been spinning my wheels, trying to come up with money for both the car and RV registration and the payment for the real estate workshop. Somebody sent me a pre-approved letter for a loan of $2300. I could use it for getting the motor home out here or maybe I'll just junk the motor home and haul the stuff in it out to here in my van.
I'll have to think about it. Maybe, I'll call Gary and ask his advice. I don't know what to do; but I think I'll fill out the application. No matter what, a little more money would help out, now. Maybe I'll buy a few more silver options.
The stock market went crazy, today. When it opened it went down by 1000 pts. I was expecting a big down move on the open because it closed on a low point last Friday. By moving down at the close it signaled that there was more downtrend still in the market.
After a terrible open, it moved up and down all day. It didn't close at the day's low but it was moving down at the close. I think tomorrow it will open down again. I don't know what it will do after that. The manipulators might be able to save it again. They just print fresh money and throw it at the market. Maybe that will work.
Ted Williams (the homeless guy with the golden voice) is running for president. It probably is just a source of income for him but he might be the most qualified person for the job. At least he hasn't taken a bribe yet. I like that he has experience with drug abuse and homelessness. I can relate more to him than any of the other candidates. Maybe he'll work hard and make himself aware of the real issues like illegal immigration and bailing out the bankers and wealthy. Maybe I'll vote for him as a protest vote.
I've been out to the claim a couple of times recently.
The first time, I walked up the hill where I feel that the old 49er's might have dropped some coins. I used the walking stick my sister bought me. It helped a lot. The closer I got to the top of the hill the steeper it got. The thing that stopped me was that I realized that there was hardly any over-hang to the cliff. It became clear as I got to the top that the over-hang was only a few inches.Without an over-hang there was no reason for the 49er's to shelter there. You just couldn't see that from below.
Oh well, I had to try.
The second time I walked to a place on the downstream end of the claim. I wasn't able to get down to the river from the road; it was too steep for me. Maybe I should have used the walking stick. It was getting hot and I was feeling a little dizzy so I left.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Fired Up About Real Estate

I went to a workshop put out by Robert Kiyosaki last night. Basically, it was a pitch for more training in wheeling and dealing in real estate.
I bought the program which includes more training, this coming October. I still owe $200 for that training. I think it will be worth it.
I'm too out-of-shape for gold panning. I'm too broke to get my motor home out here.
If I'm successful with real estate those things won't matter.
The trouble is getting other people to invest at my behalf. That probably won't happen since I'm labeled as schizophrenic. At least, I'm away from a town where everybody knows that I'm nuts. Maybe I can find investors out here.
I'm going to be selling things to make this happen. I might sell all of my guns. I don't think I need them anyway. In an economic collapse, an air rifle would probably be all that I would really need to hunt squirrels. A shotgun and rifle would probably not be necessary.
Mentioning the collapse, I'm beginning to call it "The Reset". I am beginning to think it won't be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. We'll probably just replace the dollar with Bitcoins. I'll be ready for that. At least, as ready as most people will be.
I'll be heading out to the claim, this morning. I'll try to be hydrated since that might be part of the physical problems that I'm having. If I get dizzy I'll just give up and sell my membership. It's not the first time that I've failed at something. The heat and air quality might have something to do with it as well. There is a lot of smoke in the air but it's not keeping the heat down. I've got a good notion to sell my membership simply because I'm not up to the work involved with prospecting.
That would bring in some needed money. Maybe I'll go back and live in Iowa but I'm so glad to get away from all of those liberals.
Well, the sun is coming up and it's time to get out to the claim.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

How I'm Messing Up.

Since I made my move from Iowa to here in Yreka I've done nothing but mess up. I've been spending way too much of my hard-earned and saved-up money.

  1. When I moved out here I was going to sleep in my van until I got my motor home out here. Instead I got a motel room that cost me $53/day for almost a month.
  2. I was going to live in my motor home either at the claim or a cheap trailer park. Instead I got an apartment that costs $507/month. 
  3. I was going to save money by cooking my own food. I have cut down on eating out but I still spend too much at Starbucks and getting ice cream. 
  4. I was going to work hard at the claim and get into shape for the winter. Instead I only go to the claim 2 or 3 times a week; and then I only work there for maybe an hour each time. 
A lot of my problems have been physical. It turns out that I have a deficiency of vitamin D. My schizophrenia has also been a problem. Entire days have gone by while I've been delusional. It's hard to explain but I've been in my dream world quite a bit. Increasing the medications seems to help.
Changing the topic; I'm getting discouraged about finding any gold on the claim that I've been working. I thought I found a good place for gold to be found but this morning I metal detected and dowsed where I felt I would find gold. The only thing I found was an old fishing lure.
Months ago I did find a trace of gold on the South end of the claim; I guess I'll go back there. The North end doesn't seem at all productive. Maybe I should just go to another claim.
On that note, I'll sign off.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Sister Came By.

I've been visiting with my sister. She was here for a while. She had to go back to Southern California. It was good  to see her. We had dinner at a local diner and she showed me some pictures.
I asked her about something that I thought was a hallucination. It turned out that it was one.
My psychologist doubled my medications and I seem to be back on track. I've been pretty sick, lately.
This only seems to happen every 3rd or 4th year but it can mess me up for up to 6 months.
It's impossible to explain how real the hallucinations are. I can't tell them apart from reality. I guess that if it's outlandish and it seems that I really have large sums of money that it's a hallucination.
Talking about my schizophrenia; my psychologist wants me to appy for a pension from the VA. I'll need to show that my schizophrenia was started in the Marine Corps. It was; but I'll have to prove it. I
need to find some of my Marine Corps buddies to vouch for me.
Talking about the VA; I had a sonic scan of my abdomen today. The technician said that I shouldn't worry about the results. I take that as good news.
My blood test for vitamin D came back and I need to buy supplements. My vitamin D is low. Maybe that explains my depression and low energy.
I haven't done much about finding gold, lately. I found my pin-pointer. That is used to pin-point nuggets when you are using a metal detector. My sister bought me a hiking pole; basically
it's a high tech cane. I'll use that to see if I can get to the place that I think the old 49er's might have dropped a coin or two.
I went out to the claim a few days ago and got dizzy just climbing the hill; I did pan out a couple of pans. I didn't find anything.
I would like to pry a few rocks out of a cliff wall and see if there is gold underneath them. I lost my pry bar when the utility trailer was stolen. It was expensive so I can't see spending more money on that. Maybe I'll find a used one, somewhere.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I went to a place called r-Ranch, today. It's similar to a timeshare but you own a piece of the ranch if you buy in. There is an annual assessment but it's not to bad. I could keep my motor home there and it wouldn't cost as much as it would to store it somewhere.
I like the place. It has:

  1. An Olympic sized swimming pool.
  2. Plenty of RV parking spaces.
  3. A place to pan gold where people have found nuggets.
  4. Internet access. 
  5. A small restaurant.
  6. It's close to my mining claim and Yreka.
I just need to find some gold for the membership costs. I'm going to keep it in mind.
I went to the claim today and went north along the river instead of south. I found a place that I feel is hopeful to find gold. I did a little dowsing but I didn't break out the shovel, yet. I'll do that tomorrow.
Lite coin has been pretty stable at $4.30; I need it to get to $5.00 for me to either get out or start making money. I don't have much invested.
Friday, I go to a psychologist in Redding. I have been quite symptomatic, lately. It'll be good to talk to  someone about it and maybe change my meds. I would like to get back to talking to Holly at least every other week. It's taken forever to get my address changed to here with the VA.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Been a While.

I haven't posted a blog for around a week, now.
My schizophrenia has been acting up. I've been fantasying about things that never happened and I've also been having rather sexual fantasies.
I'm getting over it. My energy is up from where it's been and I got out to the claim yesterday. Mostly I just looked for the missing utility trailer. I didn't get down to the river.
I intend to simply get on a swim suit and walk around the river, dowsing. I need to find out if there is any gold to be found in the river.
I'm giving up on climbing the hill where I feel some 49ers might have dropped some coins. It's just too steep for me. I went shopping for a walking stick, today. It was $70 and I might get it later. That will help me get up the hill. I feel there might be coins up there because it would have made a good place to get out of a downpour. There is an overhang where people could have taken shelter. Maybe someone dropped a coin there. We'll see.
I'm still trading Lite Coin. I don't think the crisis in Greece is over, yet.
I keep buying gold and silver. I can't really afford it but I want to get to where I was with metals before I came out here. I had to sell everything but at least I had something to sell. When I'm trading options or stocks I lose it all.
I need to get serious about prepping. I've got all sorts of cabinet space but I haven't put anything in them yet.
I also need to get serious about getting a job. I've got the forms and college transcripts for the social work job. I need to get that filled out tonight.
It looks like I'll be shoveling snow this winter. I'll have to find places to do that, as well.
The temperature has gone down, here. It's cloudy and we are getting some smoke from a fire north of here. Maybe that is moderating the temperature. It's been so hot that it has discouraged me from prospecting.
Well, that's all for now.