Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Decided Against the Loan

It turned out that the people who wanted to loan me $2300 are getting between 100 and 300% APR. They are doing some sort of short-term loans that only last a few months and the get atrocious interest in return.
I was almost tempted since I might be able to make a ton of money on the financial collapse ( or what I'm starting to call the Reset). I could use put options and inverse ETFs to make a bunch of money. The trouble is that everything is pretty much time sensitive and I could be off, by I don't know how much.
It did get me thinking about another loan that might actually work for me. I could refinance the car. Then I could go back to Iowa and get my stuff out of the motor home; and junk it or give it away. I have a good relationship with a loan officer so maybe I'll do that.
I think the trip out here is just too far for that old motor home. Fifty miles is as far as I would like to go with it.
Maybe I could give it to Brian or Nate. Neither of them would be likely to take it so maybe I could junk it. I would feel guilty selling it to some unsuspecting person. I hate to think about how much I put into it, financially. It's just pouring in good money after bad.
The sensible thing to do is to save up for a nice, new trailer that I can tow with my van.
On a different topic, it rained this morning. I was so nice to have clear air for a while. We could see blue skies and actually see the mountains. The smoke is coming back so the mountains are obscured again. I hope we get a little more rain tonight.
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