Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I went to a place called r-Ranch, today. It's similar to a timeshare but you own a piece of the ranch if you buy in. There is an annual assessment but it's not to bad. I could keep my motor home there and it wouldn't cost as much as it would to store it somewhere.
I like the place. It has:

  1. An Olympic sized swimming pool.
  2. Plenty of RV parking spaces.
  3. A place to pan gold where people have found nuggets.
  4. Internet access. 
  5. A small restaurant.
  6. It's close to my mining claim and Yreka.
I just need to find some gold for the membership costs. I'm going to keep it in mind.
I went to the claim today and went north along the river instead of south. I found a place that I feel is hopeful to find gold. I did a little dowsing but I didn't break out the shovel, yet. I'll do that tomorrow.
Lite coin has been pretty stable at $4.30; I need it to get to $5.00 for me to either get out or start making money. I don't have much invested.
Friday, I go to a psychologist in Redding. I have been quite symptomatic, lately. It'll be good to talk to  someone about it and maybe change my meds. I would like to get back to talking to Holly at least every other week. It's taken forever to get my address changed to here with the VA.
Well, that's all I have for now.
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