Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Did it.

I borrowed $3,875 at over 100% interest to gamble on stock options. I feel so sure that the market will collapse that I'm putting my money (which I didn't even have at the time) on "put" stock options. Puts are a way to bet that things are going down.
I have to wait until Friday or Monday for the money to be transferred to my e-Trade account. I just hope that the markets will keep going up until then so I can get good prices.
I did buy some put options on the Russell 2000 which is an index of 2000, American stocks.
Gregory Mannorino advised doing that a week or so ago on YouTube. I'm taking his advice. I think I'll start with put options on the various stock markets and if I'm successful I'll move more into buying silver and gold.
On a different topic, I got a haircut today. I was really getting shaggy. I went to Wal-Mart and it cost me over $15. I didn't tip at all; maybe I'll start doing that when my options go through the roof. I just don't feel rich enough to tip anyone. I'm half a step away from being homeless and if these options don't take off I very well might end up living in my motor home and parking it where I can for free.
That is one of the reasons that I got it; it will make homelessness much more palatable. I think they could eliminate most of the government programs to help the homeless and just get them old motor homes. Oh well.
I contacted Mary (the owner of Java Johns, in Decorah, Iowa) about getting my old, snow shoveling job back. She is all for it; but I have to find a place to live in Decorah this Winter. My motor home is still there so maybe I could park it in someone's driveway.
I called Jim and Sherry and Gary and I don't have any takers yet. I'll have to keep at it. I rather miss all of my old friends from Decorah. It would be good to get back for a while.
That's all I have for now.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Delayed

I delayed borrowing money to buy silver options but I'm still going to do it.
I was fooled by the retail price going down a bit. It turned out that  people are buying 1000 ounce bars and turning them into rounds and 1 ounce bars. This temporally drove the retail price down.
I was looking at silver on Ebay today and it's higher than it was last week. Everything is selling for at least twice the spot price. It looks to me like we are running out of silver for good.
Tomorrow, after coming back from prospecting, I'm going shopping for money. I hope that more than one place will lend me some.
On a different topic, a young man named Chris is going prospecting with me tomorrow. I'll teach him what I've learned so far; but I feel that I really limited myself by coming to Yreka instead of Happy Camp.
I'm rather isolated here, from the rest of the prospectors at the "New 49er's" mining club. I would be much farther along in my mining efforts if I were a member of a team. The club has mining events and potlucks where I could have learned a lot more about mining than I picked up watching Youtube videos and reading. My energy levels would be more easily maintained by associating with other miners. That's one of the things I'm going to teach Chris. There is no sense in going it alone if you don't have to.
I'll keep you posted on how prospecting and borrowing money goes, tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

So, Should I go Deeply into Debt to Gamble on Gold and Silver?

The answer is "of course". Even though I'll have to pay absurd interest rates it looks like it's time to buy gold and silver options. I think I'll get GDX for gold miners and I might expand what I already have for the silver options.
I've got something like 4 pre-approved letters asking me to get loans at high interest rates. If I didn't think that gold and silver are beginning a major breakout I wouldn't bother.
Today, the stock market went down and the dollar went up. Either of those should have driven metals down; but they went up instead. That shows the strength of both metals. It's time to buy.
It will take some time for the money to show up on my E-Trade account so I'll probably miss a lot of the move. That just makes it more imperative to get the money "asap". I'll get spiffed up and go shopping for money tomorrow.
Fortunately I already have some silver options and a little "physical" gold and silver. Physical means the real stuff in my safe deposit box. I'm as ready as I can be.
On a different topic, I went prospecting this morning.
I found a place that I thought there was Limonite (a mineral containing gold). I was wrong. It didn't break up like Limonite would but I ran a sample pan of it anyway. I was disappointed to not find gold. Oh well; you have to try.
That's all I have for now.

Making Progress on Finding Gold

I am making good progress on my search for gold, lately.
There are two, new developments.
First I spotted what looks like a Limonite deposit on the side of a road. Limonite is a dark colored mineral that often contains gold. It crumbles easily so it shouldn't be hard to dig out.
I was driving back from one of the claims on Highway 96 and I noticed it. I'm going to dig out a bucket full and pan out the bucket. If there is gold there I'll go back for more. I might have legal problems since it is on the side of a road but first I'll find out if it contains gold.
The next thing is that I found a young, energetic man to help me search for gold. We are meeting next Monday morning and I'll take him out to the claim. By then I'll know if there is gold in the Limonite.
I also made some progress on figuring out what is happening with regard to my schizophrenia.
Something that triggered my hallucinatory thoughts is that a young woman in Decorah was obviously pregnant and she said that I was the father. Believing in time travel I thought that my future self might have fathered the child. She's a fox and it seemed like it would be a good idea to me.
While I was looking for her phone number I found that she is into improvisational theatre. Apparently she was playing a trick on me and it worked. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I think it shows how people believe what they want to believe.
Anyway it shows me that my delusional beliefs are just that; and it's time to forget that stuff. It's really been messing me up.
So it's back to finding gold and arranging my trip back to Iowa to shovel snow and bring out the motor home.
On the topic of going back to Iowa; I was turned down for a place to stay in Iowa. I was hoping to stay at Jim and Sherry's so I could leave the van here. It looks like I'll have to stay at Gary's place if he'll take me in. I've got to call him today and find out. After that I'll have to arrange for my snow shoveling jobs. I think it will come together.
That's all for now.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I Actually did Something Todays; and I'm Stiff and Sore.

I went to a couple of claims today. I mostly metal detected and climbed around the hills. I'm paying for it now in the form of being stiff and sore. At least I'm trying to find gold. At the first place I went to  I got to thinking about how hopeless, finding gold, seems to me.
I got to thinking about what a fellow prospector told me "If you want gold you are better off getting a job and just paying for it."
That spurred me into going to Ashland, Oregon to look for a job. I checked out Craigslist on the computer. There seems to be plenty of jobs to be had  in Southern Oregon. '
I know that the thing that got me to Oregon looking for a job was that a young lady smiled at me and said "hello" to me last Wednesday night, there.
I'm a very impressional dirty, old man. She'll have me hanging out at the Ashland Starbucks every chance I get.
I suppose it has a lot to do with my delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia. I've been off in my dreamworld lately. Maybe I need a different medication. The stuff I'm using (Risperdal) doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. It also might have something to do with the isolation that I'm going through. I have too much time to daydream which is bad for us mentally ill folks.
A job would keep my mind occupied. I was thinking that prospecting would do that as well as bring in income. I do think most of my daydreaming happens in my apartment so maybe I just need to get  more serious about finding gold.
I sold most of my gold and silver and a couple of my guns last week. I had to to keep ahead of the bills.
I really need to sell some of my etchings because that would bring in serious money. That doesn't seem to be happening.
I called Tim at Game Exchange a couple of days ago. I wasn't able to get to Tim but the girl I talked to took a message. I hope the etchings move. They haven't been on Ebay lately but I can understand that since it might make sense to move them on and off Ebay to make people think that they aren't available, anymore.
That's all I have for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm Down in the Dumps

My finances are hurting and I'm depressed, today.
I forgot about a loan I had from a bank back in Decorah. They had an automatic payment and now I have even $200 less than I thought that I had.
I'm going to have to sell guns and gold tomorrow. I hate doing that but I don't think the guns are that important since we'll have a "reset" rather than an economic collapse. I'll hang on to my .22 and air rifle in case I have to eat squirrels. If there is a total collapse, I'll rely on getting out of town on my motor home, somehow.
Maybe I should wait for a few weeks since people are saying that the collapse will come on the 23rd of September. That's only a couple of weeks away.
I have doubts about all of what those people are saying. They've been saying these things since the early 1970's and they've been wrong so far.
I think the main reason I was in such a hurry to get the motor home was to hide out during the Ebola epidemic. It turned out that it was a false alarm.
I doubt that the collapse will be as bad as people say and I have doubts that it will happen at all. After all, they've held things together for years by simply printing more money and throwing it at the stock market. Why wouldn't that work again?
I've got to find gold. I went to a different claim, this morning. There are plenty of places to metal detect and dowse, there. I'm going there, early tomorrow morning. I intend to give it a good go and get out and dig places that I feel there is gold. I might throw the air mattress into the van and camp out there; since it costs so much to drive around. The claims are between 11 and 15 miles from my apartment. The gas costs add up over time.
Just to remind myself: I was thinking about getting a loan from Mary at Java John's in Decorah. If I can find a cheap place to stay; I could make some money there shoveling snow. That should enable me to pay back the loan and I could see about getting the motor home out here for the next gold panning season. Maybe I could stay at Gary's or Jim and Sherry's.
Well, I'll look into it tomorrow.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Dug Up a Beer Can

I went back to the spot on the claim on the South side of the claim. I was digging there last week. I still had a signal even though I went down over a foot through rocks.
I finally found a beer can. It turned out that my metal detector was seeing a target that was actually to the right of where I was digging. There is probably something wrong with the head of the detector. Maybe it's just my inexperience.
I think I'll give up on the claims on the Upper Klamath River. I think I'm more likely to find gold near Happy  Camp which is about 1 1/2 hours away from here. The big reason I'm here in Yreka is that there is a Christian Science Church here.
I'm not finding any gold. I have to go where people are actually finding it.
At least I'm doing a better job of actually finding my targets and I'm getting around the river banks and hills better than I was.
I think the real reason that I'm doing so badly physically is that I'm carrying about 50 extra pounds in the form of a big belly. I've let myself go physically and now I'm paying for it. I don't know of any way to lose it quickly so I'll just have to live with it for a while.
That's all for now. The Chinese stock market is down.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting Things Done

I didn't find any gold today but at least i tried. I spent over an hour digging at a spot that my metal detector said there was something there. I got worn out and when I came back from the claim a light came on that said there was something wrong with the engine.
I took the car to a dealership (Ford) and they found that the computer code said that I had a misfire on cylinder 6.  I went to a car parts place and bought a spark plug and a set of wires for the spark plugs.
Since I haven't had the oil changed for a long time; I took it back. They changed the oil and lubricated the car at a reasonable price. Then they told me that I needed new rear brakes.
I told them that I couldn't afford the over $300 that they wanted.
I went home and bought a kit for the rear brakes for around $80 on Ebay.
I then went to Craigslist and E-mailed a mechanic and asked him if he would take a computer or a gold coin in exchange for installing the brakes.
It looks like something I could do. I looked it up on Youtube and it really doesn't look that hard. The problem is that since I don't have power wrenches; it would be a lot harder than it looks like on Youtube. I would also need a few specialized tools.
I figure that it would make sense to hire a mechanic.
At least the light didn't come back on, but I do need to fix the brakes. I wish I had found that before I left Decorah.
Oh Well,