Thursday, October 29, 2015

Should I Leave from Ashland this coming Sunday?

I'm debating whether I want to leave for Iowa as I leave church in Ashland this coming Sunday. I would be wasting some daylight since the church gets out at 11:00. But I would avoid driving into the Sun. It's hard enough driving through the mountains but to do it with the Sun in your eyes is really bad.
I expect to be packed up and ready to go by Saturday. If I really set my mind to, it I could be out of here tomorrow. There isn't much keeping me here. I need to pay a couple of bills and sell my gold prospecting gear and just leave.
I could wait until Wednesday; when I'll have my check from Social Security in the bank. I don't think I'll wait. I'll need that money in Iowa, anyway.
It's time to get out of here and get back home. I'll hate being around all of those liberals but there is a downside to everything.
I think I'll have so much room that I'll have to car top carrier on top of my bins in the back of the van instead of on top of the car.
Well, I should get back to the apartment and load up another bin.
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