Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm in Decorah

I'm back in Decorah.
Now I need to find a place to live. I'm staying at my friend, Gary's place for tonight. 
Tomorrow I might be at a shelter for homeless veterans in Waverly, IA. 
I'm big on taking advantage of any public assistance I can get.
A week has gone by since I started this posting.
I got an apartment with some assistance from an agency called FAVA. It has something to do with homeless vets.
My car broke but I had to fix that on my own. It was a bad fuel pump and they are getting expensive. I'm just grateful that I got to Decorah before the fuel pump crapped out.
I'm glad that I left when I did. It snowed up to a foot deep at some of the places I just zipped through, last week. If I stayed a day or two longer I might have been caught in that.
The weather, here, is rainy. We're catching the tail end of the storm that I missed in Nevada.
I only wish that we were getting some snow with this storm. That's not happening. Maybe next week.
I got moved into my new apartment. It's probably the worst place that I've ever lived. It's small and cold and inconvenient. It doesn't have enough electric outlets, the shower fills up with water, and the refrigerator makes a loud noise. I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor and I've seen mice. It's the pits but it will do, for now.
I got a safe deposit box at the credit union. I didn't know that they had them. That will save me from having to go to LaCrosse to use the box at Chase Bank. I can get that for free but it's very inconvenient. I go to LaCrosse on  Sundays to go to church but I don't, normally, go there during the week.
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