Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Would have thrown away $247 if I had it.

I was watching a webinar today.
It was one of my positive thinking things. Sonia Ricotti (I may be misspelling that name), interviewed a group of people who were telling me how to change my thinking and therefor my life. It was rather long and it really was good; there were a lot of good stories and a lot of insight.
Every half hour or 45 minutes they tried to sell a package of books and DVDs. It also included personal coaching for a couple of months.
It sounded good to me. I just don't have any money left after my trip to California.
It got me to thinking about how I'm always trying to get something for nothing; or in this case $247.
When you are poor you find yourself grabbing for any straws that appear. That's why most of the lottery tickets are bought by poor people. There really isn't much else that holds out the hope of breaking out of the working class rut.
That's probably why I ran off to California, last year. Yet another get rich quick scheme that bit me in the behind.
That leads me to talking about something that's been in the back of my mind for a few months.
Should I write off gold prospecting as another wild goose chase or should I continue to work towards going prospecting again.
It feels good to have something that I'm working towards; as in having a plan for my future. Gold prospecting fits in pretty well with my survivalist thinking.
In my future scenario for a future after the economic collapse, people will still be using gold for money. Therefor it would makes sense to have some. I could also be living way out in the "boonies" and be self-contained in my motor home.
The troubles are that I'm not young anymore and I don't get enough actual work done. I need someone to go with me. I spent too much money and I still don't have a way to do it any cheaper unless I live in a tent. If I don't find a job I may go back to California and live in my car and tent.
I was disappointed with how little gold there actually is to be found. I watch Youtube videos where people get all excited about finding little specs of gold. For me to be interested, I need to find some real quantities of the yellow metal. I have doubts that I'll ever find enough on those "played out" claims in Northern California.
Either way, I think I'll sell the motor home. It's just a giant "money pit" I don't know how much I've already spent on it and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. It's time to cut my losses.
I'll talk to Dan about unloading it as soon as I see him.
If I go back to California I can live in my van.
Well, it's time for a bite to eat and a refill on my coffee.
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