Monday, March 21, 2016

I Broke a Tooth and I Start Telemarketing Wednesday

I broke a tooth last week. I was concerned that it would mess me up with telemarketing this week.
I went to the dentist this morning. He simply ground down the sharp places and said that it wasn't in danger of getting infected. I'll be at work this Wednesday; come Hell or high water.
That reminds me; it's supposed to snow this Wednesday. I kind of hope that I can get off of work so I could shovel snow. I can make more money at that than I can telemarketing. Oh, well. The snow will probably melt before I can get to  it.
Tomorrow I get my taxes done. It's free at the Library. An organization called RSVP does it for poor and retired people. I think I have every thing I need for it.
I went to a gun show in Onalaska, WI, yesterday. I was going to go to church but I forgot about that.
I was surprised to find that the guns in Wisconsin were a lot cheaper than the ones in Waterloo, Iowa. Maybe people in Wisconsin don't have as much money as Iowans. I was too broke to buy anything but I'll keep my eyes open for more gun shows when I have money.
What I really want is a mini-14; that's a smaller caliber version of the M-14. It's chambered in .223 instead of .308. It's a common round but I am a little afraid that it might piss off any bears I encounter in the mountains of California. A .308 would put them down for the count. I sold my Mosin-Nagant a few weeks ago. I needed the money.
Oh well, I didn't see any bears last summer so it's probably an unreasonable fear, anyway.
According to a guy named Bo Polny gold and silver were supposed to take off today. It didn't happen. I was probably to only one surprised by that. I'm beginning to think that gold and silver prices can be held down forever. When markets are so manipulated there is no telling when the manipulation will end. Maybe it's a forever thing.
I should just pay off my bills and buy some dried food and forget about precious metals.
That reminds me. I was cheated on some supposedly silver coins last week. The mint at Niue made some coins commemorating Disney princesses. These coins had the very same front as the Niue coins but they were labeled as being from New Zealand on the back. I reported the counterfeiting to Ebay. I doubt that anything will be done about it. I'm out about $40. I should have done more research. I did Google New Zealand Disney coins and I came up with no indication that they were counterfeit.
That's all for now.
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