Saturday, April 23, 2016

Still Looking for a New Job

I haven't heard anything from McDonald's about the graveyard shift job. I guess I didn't get it.
I was also turned down for an IT job at the local college.
I really wanted that job but I guess I didn't have the education for it. They required degrees; unlike California where they are only concerned about whether you can do the job.
I applied for two jobs so far today.
The first was at the Co-op. They have a lot of job openings; including accounting (which I did at the Peace Center).
The second was at Java Johns. I don't know anything about being a barista but I could learn. It's only for weekends and it's part time. I would take it over the telemarketing job since there is a future in it.
On a different topic, Silver is going through the roof. It went from around $15/ounce to over $17 in less than two weeks. At one time it was over $17.60. Right now it's just shy of $17.
I think it's moving so much because it was made easier to buy it in China. The Shanghai exchange now accepts Yuan as well as the dollar. More Chinese people can buy it, now.
I expect it to keep moving and my options will explode in value.
Bitcoins are also moving up; and I bought Ethereum. Ethereum had a better rate of transactions. Bitcoins were only able to process 7 transactions a second.
Well Bitcoin improved their rate and then it went up in value; then Ehereum went down. I'm out about $10.
I'm paying over $600 to get my parking brake fixed. Since I owe so much for the car, I'm paying to have it fixed. If it was an old beater I would just take the bulb out of the dashboard and forget about it. I might have to sell the car in a year or so, so I had it fixed. I feel like a fool for caring about it. I probably paid more than the car was worth. It really fouls me up when it comes to getting my finances in order. Cars are just too expensive. I would be better off just riding a bicycle.
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