Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Tried to Find My Bitcoins

Last Wednesday I went to a hypnotist in Minneapolis to try to find my bitcoins.
I bought them in the Summer of 2010. They are worth a lot of money; but I forgot the number that transfers them. I need to remember that number. It was on both a computer and a flash drive but they both died; and I have no record of them.
I had my hopes built up when the hypnotist said that my subconscious would remember everything.
Then I blew it by mentioning that I'm schizophrenic. She decided that it was too dangerous to hypnotize me. It was a wasted trip.
I'll try again with a different hypnotist and this time I won't mention being schizophrenic.
I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate this job and I keep looking for another job. Nothing has shown up yet. Being old and mentally ill doesn't help anything.
I should be grateful for what I have going.
I was watching something on YouTube about the economic collapse and the person being interviewed said that we should accumulate currency. He said that when the banks lock their doors we'll have to use what currency we have to get by for a while. He put it ahead of saving silver and gold.
I think he has a point. I'll try to save some dollar bills as well as gold and silver.
I got the van fixed. That set me back about a month as far as accumulating assets.
Well, every thing else is proceeding as normal. I'm poor and trying to get ready for the collapse. It's a lost cause; it takes too much money to be a decent prepper. I'll just do what I can and hope for the best.
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