Friday, May 27, 2016

My Last Day at the Call Center.

Today I put in my last day at the call center. I hated that job. I'm just not cut out for telemarketing.
Last week there was mention about serving two masters in my bible lesson. It also mentioned the "Lilies of the Field" and how they are cared for. I took that as a sign to quit my job. I was only into it for the money and now, I'm pretty well set up for a while.
I'll still have to get a job but maybe I can get an IT job or maybe something in social work.
Of course I have car troubles as soon as I quit my job. A rock hit the windshield and put a large crack in it. Maybe insurance will cover some of it.
I'm still wondering why the economy hasn't collapsed yet. People are saying that tomorrow the world's economy will collapse.
It was supposed to collapse last September 15th. I'm beginning to doubt the gloom and doomers. Everything seems to hold together better than I expect. Maybe I should just forget about all the doom talk and get on with life.
On a different topic, I have a couple of computers I could give away or sell. I've got another one coming from Ebay next week. It's stripped down but I have all the parts to get it running good. When I do I'll have three computers I could sell. I can only hope to get $50 a piece for them but that's money when I need it. I might just give them away. We'll see.
I've got to get serious about finding a job. Raymundo is quitting his job here at Java Johns. I've never been a barista but I could learn. I think there is a future in it and I'm here all the time any way. In the Winter I shovel snow for food, here. Maybe I can get hired to brew coffee. It's worth asking about.
In a couple of weeks I'll try to find my bitcoins through hypnosis. I hope it works because I'm tired of poverty. I'll keep everyone posted on how that works. I was thinking I should keep quiet about it but I'll just pay my taxes if I have any to pay. I don't think I owe taxes until I sell them and now I don't even have them because I forgot the number that I need to access my bitcoins.
Well, not much is happening.
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