Friday, November 25, 2016

Once again Things are Looking Up.

I got a new job today.
It only lasts for a couple of weeks but it will help me get through a time when I can't expect much money from shoveling snow.
If everybody who owes me money actually pays me, I should be doing rather well during the Christmas season.
I sold one laptop and actually got paid for it. I'm waiting to get paid for another one.
I could sell yet another one but I'm having trouble with the video driver and a battery is almost dead.
I think I've got the video problem fixed but the battery is in the mail.
I've got a debt that I want to pay and my windshield is cracked and needs to be replaced. Maybe I'll do both if we get a lot of snow.
In another six months I'll be in relatively good financial condition.
Maybe I'll head back to California and look for gold again. Only this time I'll live in a tent and keep the expenses down.
I now have a good idea of how and where to find gold, so it might not be such a fool's errand, this time.
Failing that, I have a good idea to get a metal detector and look for coins here in Iowa. There are a lot of abandoned farm homesteads where coins may have been dropped.
The trouble is that there is a lot of junk that will show up as well. That includes nails from re-roofing houses and barns.
The trick is to find where gardens used to be because people used to bury coins in their gardens before there were banks available.
Finding a few of those caches would pay for the metal detector and the gas to get to the farms.
Oh well, the music is about to start here at Java Johns.
I think the music tonight is from a guy that I don't really like much. He seems to just play disjointed riffs on the piano with no rhythm to it at all. He tries to be a jazz player but even those need something to tie things together.
I think I'll go home and work on my sick laptop.
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