Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tomorrow is a Snow Day.

It's predicted to snow tomorrow afternoon. That's a Friday so I probably won't get paid until Monday.
Maybe I can track the guy who owns the bed and breakfast place and get paid this weekend. He now owes me $20 and by Saturday he'll owe me at least $30.
I owe Jim the barber $10 for a haircut, tonight. I was pretty shaggy.
I asked him if I could pay him in coffee and donuts at Java John's; but he said to just pay him when I've got the money.
I'm hoping that it snows Sunday; but they are predicting rain for that day. That's Christmas day but I might be busy shoveling. Oh well.
Not much is happening, tonight. I think I'll dress up a bit and go watch Tom play the piano at Java Johns.
I'm hoping to see Brian there and I'll give him a book by Jim Rickards about the coming collapse. I got it for the price of shipping and handling. In fact I got two books from him.
The book I just finished reading was one of the best I've read about the coming collapse.
All I can do to get ready is to stockpile food and buy silver. I should have bought more Bitcoin; it's going through the roof. It gained $50/coin, today. I've got 1/20 of a coin. I'm just too poor to really get ready for the coming currency collapse.
At least it keeps snowing enough for me to make my bills which are massive due to all the money I spent last year going to California to pan for gold. I never learn.
I just got home from Java John's and Bitcoin is up to $870; so should I borrow $1000 at an absurd interest rate and buy 1?
I don't know; I'll think about it tomorrow. Knowing me I'll probably do it and Bitcoin will go down from there. Greed and fear always taint my decisions about trading and I do the wrong things.
Maybe I should buy the gold miners ETF named GDX. I could get options. T. Harv Eker would tell me to do both. I probably should.  Decisions.
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