Friday, January 6, 2017

Bitcoin Busts and a New (Get rich Quick) Scheme

Well, I just lost a couple of hundred dollars on what I thought was a sure thing by investing in Bitcoin. In fact I may have lost close to $1000 by accidentally sending the remaining Bitcoin to myself. I sent an e-mail to recover it but I haven't heard from them yet.
On another topic, I was reading something on the internet about a different way to make a living.
It was an article about people traveling in motorhomes and trailers and finding cheap places to buy things; they would then sell them on Amazon.
They keep their expenses down by parking at places that have free parking, and otherwise keeping their expenses down.
They go to auctions and other places that they can find things at wholesale prices.
They use Amazon because Amazon provides free warehousing and marketing. This is especially important to people who are on the road all of the time.
It seems like a good job for me. It fits into a lot of things  I want to do.
First I would like to have a trailer or motorhome. That would open up a lot of options.
I could use it to live in if I get an acreage. I could use it as a living place while I develop a homestead.
I could use it to bug out if things go bad, locally.
I could also use a trailer or motorhome while I'm prospecting or metal detecting for coins. I would have a home while I'm traveling all over the country.
The reason I mentioned this is to keep the idea of traveling around and selling what I buy cheap on Amazon. It's one of the few ways to use the internet to make a living that might actually work for me.
Well, the music has started at Java John's. Tonight Helen is singing and playing the guitar.
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