Friday, January 20, 2017

Sure Enough I Failed Again.

I tried to get my bitcoins last week; and I failed again. That probably surprised nobody but me. I really had my hopes built up.
My only hope now is that I put my bitcoins in Mt. Gox. That is an exchange that went bankrupt a few years ago. They are still in litigation. Maybe I'll hear something good from them. I made a claim a long time ago.
We had an ice storm a little while ago. I made some money chipping ice but it wasn't really enough to keep up with my bills. This year has been a bust for snow shoveling.
On a different topic, I've been struggling with fixing an old laptop.
It has an intermittent problem. A lot of the time it won't start. It turned out that the battery was the problem. At least I hope it is. I ordered a couple of new batteries from E-bay. I don't know how many hours I spent working on that. No wonder somebody sold it so cheap.
I've also have had troubles with my phone. It's a piece of crap. It seems that technology is causing more problems than it's curing.
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