Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I did lose my job.

I lost my job for one day when I told them I wouldn't work the new program.
They called Manpower within a couple of hours and hired me back at the old program.
I still have to drive 1 hr. one way for a telemarketing job but at least I can pay my bills for a while.
I'll be looking for a new apartment in Monana, next month. It's too far to drive and maybe I could sell the car if I could walk to work.
On a different topic, Dan is paying me $100 of the $200 he owes me.
If I can get a cash advance on a credit card I'll be able to catch up at the credit union to the point that at least I'm not over drawn.
I'm waiting to hear from Dan; he's driving from 50 miles away. He's in Winowa.
I'm going to see about the cash advance.
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